Facebook Marketing – The Free Method

Facebook marketing can be a highly targeted marketing strategy as long as you know how to utilise it officially using the free method. The free method is by adding people who are like-minded and have similar interests as yourself, such as network marketing, direct sales, MLM or affiliate marketing. You can start adding like-minded people by entering your target market niche into the Facebook search box; for example if you want to target network marketers in the UK you simply enter “network marketers UK.” A group page will come up and you can click on members; this is where you can click on the people and their profiles will come up. You can check out information about the person to see if he or she is into network marketing; if so then click send friend request.

The best thing to do is not just go through adding random people; take time and view their information, find out a bit about them to make sure they are someone you can connect and network with. There will be people on Facebook you have more in common with than just internet marketing. For example I am a keen martial artist and often come across other network marketers with martial arts interests by looking at their information about them; by doing this I can add them as a friend but also send them a personal message saying something like “Hi name, I hope you don’t mind the Facebook add. I came across you in the internet marketing UK group. I see we have similar interests in marketing and martial arts.”

You get the idea. If you send messages like this to your potentially new Facebook friends you will soon get them interacting with you on a one to one basis and start building their trust from there. By regularly putting intriguing and helpful information on your wall, this will also show up on your friends walls so you can see the power of Facebook, and once they start interacting with you on your comments their friends which you are not friends with also see the online conversation which can be more exposure for yourself. You see how powerful Facebook can be if you use it correctly.

Last bit of advice now; when adding friends and leaving messages on your friends walls try not to splatter your links all over their pages as this could be deemed the same activity as spamming, and you will get no where fast if you market yourself this way. People will not be interested in your business at first glance but when you start adding value to your friends, only then will they be really interested in you and your business. The more useful information and value you give them, the more they see you as a leader. Only then they will view your profile page and information; this is where you should have your links for your websites.

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