Spring fashion 2022 and summer business clothes for men

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We all want to be the first when it comes to fashion. We want to be the first person who wears the new fashion trend or even be the ones who start the trend. The best way to do that is to know what to expect from the incoming season and what all the fashionistas are thinking about. Here we will tell you all to expect from the spring fashion 2022. There’s also a saying that goes dress as you choose to be addressed so as a man, be it casual or business a man has to look his best in whatever situation he finds himself in. Therefore, we will also look at summer business wear for men.

What’s looking good for women in spring fashion 2022

Spring fashion 2022 for women is looking awesome and if you’re a lady who likes to dress up then you’re in a very good year. Spring fashion 2022 brings back low slung waists one of the old classics which is all about bearing the midriff. Pleated skirts are also looking good with various styles and colours going from pleated, printed, colourful, and even monochrome. Liquid metal is also seen as a new way to do with metallic spangle without the need for sequins which are considered to be damaging to the environment. If you just want to have fun with fashion then the super sheer is the new trend for you and if you’re looking to protect your modesty you can also choose to put some layers in and still look your best. White suiting is also expected to be a good look for ladies looking to look formal and oriented.

What’s looking good for men in spring fashion 2022
Spring fashion 2022 for men is also looking very neat with sleeveless shirts rocking the line and men who work out gearing up to show up those biceps. Big Shorts are also a fashion choice that is expected to be a hit this spring. They are extremely comfortable when going for a casual walk and they are also easy to wear and very relaxing. A huge bonus is you can just pop them on with any type of shirt and you’re good to go.

Summer business wears for men.

Summer is when new businesses pop and to be successful, you have to look successful. You have to know the perfect attire that will attract your clients and make them believe that you are the person to trust and the person to work with. We look at the best Summer business wear for men so our men will look all glammed up and ready for business. When choosing Summer business wear for men. You can never go wrong with an everyday work suit or just a layer free look without a top on. A great idea for a business dinner is to dress traditionally. You can wear a dark suit with a light-coloured shirt. If you want to go for a patterned suit, make sure that the pattern is muted and not loud.

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The Different Flavors Of Fruit Liqueurs

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Whether you’re a fan of sweet or sour flavors, there’s sure to be a fruit liqueur that you will enjoy.Fruit liqueurs are generally very sweet and can be used in cocktails, in making desserts and confectionaries, as well as enjoyed on their own. The popularity of fruit liqueurs comes from the great range of flavors that are available. There is a flavor to suit everyone, whether you enjoy sweet and fruity drinks or prefer something tarter and more complex.

It’s easy to see why fruit liqueurs are so popular; they have delicious, unique flavors that everyone loves. They’re also a healthy choice, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. Whether you’re looking for something to add to your favorite cocktails or want a delicious dessert addition, fruit liqueurs are the perfect option!

They also make a great addition to your home bar and are the ideal beverage to use in cocktails that will wow your guests. Fruit liqueurs can also be made at home, especially during the summer months when there are so many varieties of fruits and berries readily available. However, it can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task to make your own fruit liqueur, so for most people, it’s easier to just purchase them from the store.

There are also many other less common flavors of fruit liqueur available, including passionfruit, lychee, and even avocado, but these can be an acquired taste for many. Fruit liqueurs have been around for centuries and were originally created as a way to preserve fruits that were in season. They quickly became popular due to their delicious and tangy taste, and they remain a favorite among cocktail lovers today.

Strawberry liqueur

One very popular flavor of fruit liqueur is strawberry. Strawberry liqueur has a sweet, fruity taste that is sure to please your palate. It’s perfect for enjoying on its own or mixing into cocktails. While it has a delicious taste, strawberry liqueur also has some health benefits, such as being high in antioxidants (as all red-colored fruits are!). So, you can enjoy this liqueur guilt-free! This flavor of liqueur is generally used to make strawberry daiquiris, but can also be mixed with other cocktails for a delicious fruity drink. In addition, it can also be added to delicious desserts and cakes.

Raspberry liqueur

Raspberry liqueur has a flavor that is similar to, but slightly sweeter than, strawberry liqueur. It’s perfect for mixing into cocktails or enjoying on its own. Like strawberry liqueur, raspberry liqueur is also high in antioxidants, making it a healthy choice. This liqueur can be used to make raspberry martinis, mixed with other cocktails, or enjoyed on its own. It also goes great with desserts and cakes.

Blueberry liqueur

Blueberry liqueur also has a very distinct flavor that is enjoyed by many. It has a slightly sweet and tart taste that makes it the perfect addition to cocktails or on its own. This liqueur is also high in antioxidants, making it a healthy choice. Blueberry liqueur can be used to make blueberry martinis, mixed with other cocktails, or enjoyed on its own. It also goes great with desserts and cakes!

Blackberry liqueur

Blackberry liqueur also has a very unique and delicious flavor. It is sweet with a slightly tart taste, making it the perfect addition to your favorite cocktails. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help keep you healthy. Blackberry liqueur can be used to make blackberry martinis, mixed with other cocktails, or enjoyed on its own. It also goes great with sweet dishes such as cheesecakes!

Cherry liqueur

Cherry liqueur is another popular type of fruit liqueur. It has a sweet and tart flavor with a subtle cherry taste. Cherry liqueur is often used in cocktails, but can also be enjoyed on its own or with desserts.

Apricot liqueur

Apricot liqueur has a very sweet and fruity flavor with a strong apricot taste. It is often used in cocktails with its mildly sweet flavors and orange hue. Apricot liqueur can also be enjoyed on its own, or added to desserts for a bit of extra flavor.

Banana Liqueur

Banana liqueur has a very sweet and rich flavor, with a distinct banana taste. It adds every tropical flavor to cocktails and is often used in cocktails with rum. Banana liqueur flavors can vary according to the manufacturer; while some taste like fresh ripe bananas, others taste like roasted and mashed fruit.

Apple Schnapps

Apple schnapps has a strong apple flavor and is very sweet and tart. It is often used in cocktails with its bright green hue and crisp apple flavor.

Pineapple Liqueur

Pineapple is used to make many tropical liqueurs, such as Pineapple Pina Colada and more. It offers a refreshing, sweet taste and aroma and makes for great-tasting cocktails.

These are just a few of the delicious fruit liqueurs that you can find on the market today. Each one has its own unique flavor that makes it stand out from the rest. So why not give them all a try? You might find your new favorite drink!

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Top Summer Beach Dresses for Women that Provides Comfort

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Are you looking to enjoy beach days in the summer? Do you spend time in deciding the right outfit? Then, shop short summer dresses as per your choice.

In doing so, you will be enjoying the golden waves. Moreover, the pleasant sun shining will make you feel positive. So, deciding on the right summer outfit can be time-consuming.

Not to worry, we have conducted many days of research and found Hansen Surfboards brand offers unique summer dresses. So, let us know more about this brand.

Overview of Summer Beach Dresses for Women

Short summer beach dresses are part of the casual or informal dress. They are suitable in warm weather. Mostly, the fabric is lightweight.

Women usually wear loose-fitting cotton. In terms of style, they are sleeveless dresses. The neckline is wide and has a narrow should strap. Moreover, it can be backless dresses.

For ideal styles and fabric in summer, shop short summer dresses from the Hansen Surfboards brand. Not only it offers excellent quality, but delivery service is fast.

What clothes are considered for summer beach?

As a woman, it’s a time to turn the heat in terms of a summer wardrobe. Importantly, know the right type of summer beach clothing to make your summer days exciting. So, it will help if you wear comfortable clothes to allow the air to pass by.

The prominent summer beach clothes are Ruffled A-Line Dress, Matching Swimsuit & Sarong, Breezy Basics Jumpsuit, Versatile Printed Skirt, and more.

Let me tell you; shop for short summer dresses from the Hansen Surfboards brand.

What is the benefit of Summer Beach Dresses for Women?

When you wear summer beach dresses, you have protection from the sun’s UV rays. You experience comfort in the summer beach breeze.

It is perfect to invest in short summer dresses. Besides beaches, you can wear them at night for dinner or city shopping.

These dresses are easy to find a match for your ideal clothes accessories. Moreover, you will find several appealing designs and shades to create a positive impression.

Why are summer dresses of Hansen Surfboards recommended over other brands?

Hansen Surfboards is one of the well-known clothing brands in the world. This brand has won customer trust for over 60 years. It offers more variety of styles and shades when you shop short summer dresses.

The sales team and delivery are pretty efficient compared to other brands. If you are looking for summer beach dresses for women, Hansen Surfboards will satisfy you in terms of quality and choice.

When you visit the store and have a query, the staff is responsive. If you are confused about the buying process, they will help you out.

Is it expensive to shop short summer dresses for women from Hansen Surfboards brand?

It is wrong to assume that summer clothing for women is quite expensive in the Hansen Surfboards brand. Let me tell you; the clothes are not overpriced. You will find prices as per fabric quality, quantity, and styles.

The prices vary from low-price to high-price. Even if the costs of summer clothes are low, the quality is incredible. The clothes are known for their durability in the long run. With reasonable prices, you will find attractive designs on the clothing.

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2013 Marketing Communications – Six Strategic Tips For Midsized Companies And Nonprofits

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Everyone – organizations and consumers alike – continues to be wary of the ongoing negotiations in Washington associated with the fiscal cliff. It will take time to sort out the impact of what finally gets resolved, but marketers know they can’t wait any longer to determine how to aggressively promote their products and services now.

Whether you’re a business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) or nonprofit marketer, you’ve probably also been overwhelmed by the countless claims, and counter claims, about if – and how – to use all the various forms of “new” marketing tools – social media, mobile, content marketing, email and video. Some experts project the demise of email marketing as social media and video sharing grow in importance. Others stress the need for mobile marketing, while even others shout “Content is King” (first coined by Bill Gates in 1996). All will continue to be important, but these decisions, coupled with the economic environment, means that the marketer’s world is more complicated than ever.

Rather than endlessly pondering these choices, maybe this is the time to put these latest tactics into perspective, and focus on some basic marketing and marketing communications strategies for 2013.

Target Audience Knowledge Trumps Opinion

A deep, reliable and projectable understanding of your existing and potential clients, customers or donors is key to developing effective and profitable strategies and plans. And that means market research.

Marketers should fully understand the wants, needs and attitudes of their target audiences, and how these factors relate to the organization, as well as competition. Facts, not opinions.

Employ market research and monitor social media discussions and behaviors to determine what’s important to your constituents before your tactical plans are developed. In other words, “Look before you leap.”

Embrace The Changing Demographic Landscape

With nearly 315 million people in the US alone, the dramatic growth of older consumers is significant and should be recognized. Does your customer and prospect planning take them into consideration? And does your planning recognize that:

21 percent of the workforce is now 55+ years of age, and they plan on working well past traditional retirement age;
The number of people 65 and older was 40 million in 2009 but is projected to be 60 million in 2020 (US Census Bureau);
While 69 percent of those aged 18 – 49 used social media, only 38 percent of those aged 50 and above use any form of social media.
Acknowledging the growth and absolute size of this huge audience in your planning presents a major opportunity. And, depending on your product or service, you might want to go through this exercise for other demographic groups – Hispanics, Asians, younger people, women, etc. Understand them and make sure you relate to their needs. In summary, “Board a trend, don’t buck it”.

Don’t Discount Traditional Media

New media offers exciting potential and will grow significantly in importance. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about “old” media. Both new and traditional media have value and both should be considered in planning your overall media mix. That means that strategically you need to fully understand their relative effectiveness, not just their efficiency.

And, would it surprise you to learn that traditional media is actually becoming “new” media for some marketers:

Commercial and nonprofit marketers will spend $169 billion in direct marketing, representing over half of all US advertising expenditures (DMA’s Response Rate 2012 Report);

There were 195 new print magazines launched in 2012 (MediaTrends.com); According to Forrester Research, while consumers discover new brands, products or services by talking to friends (80%) and online searches (79%), television advertising is a strong third (71%);

While the average consumer receives 14 – 15 email selling messages a day, the average household receives only 2 – 3 direct mail promotions per day (USPS);

Despite the record breaking political spending in 2012, national cable television advertising is still expected to grow by 11 percent, while billboard spending will increase by 5 percent and radio by 3 percent (Zenith Optima).
New versus traditional media should not dominate the discussion. Rather, how you strategically develop your media mix should be on the front burner. Above all, be “media neutral”.

Anniversary Marketing Invigorates Established Organizations

Your anniversary provides an opportunity to leverage your past strengths while communicating your vision for the future. Your history and your plans for the future can have a meaningful impact on an already nervous audience of employees, channel partners and suppliers, much less existing and potential clients, customers or donors. Galvanize them to the road ahead.

A 12 to 18 month fully integrated anniversary marketing program provides a unique opportunity to unify and focus all of your efforts across your constituents. And a 35th anniversary can be as impactful as a 50th or 75th. Just don’t make the mistake of merely adding an anniversary logo to your messaging, or just having a celebratory party. Your message will fall on deaf ears.

Get Better As You Get Bigger

With market turbulence over the past few years, some in the C-Suite question the ability of marketing to profitably drive the organization to new heights. Lack of understanding or lack of trust may be an issue. Maybe it’s time for unbiased, fresh eyes to conduct a marketing communications audit.

This type of audit can provide an apolitical evaluation of your program as a whole, as well as how each marketing communication tactic does or does not meet established objectives. Recommendations from this audit can help everyone understand where improvement is needed, what’s registering with your constituents (internally as well as externally), what subjects and benefits should be stressed and, importantly, provide the organization with an integrated roadmap of how, when and where your messaging should be delivered.

The audit should give you the tools to maximize your marketing communications ROI before significant dollars are committed. Trust and confidence should follow.

Round Out Your Marketing Team

There will be many challenges facing marketers in 2013 and beyond. And, chief among them will be having a dedicated, smart, apolitical team, developing, creating and analyzing marketing communications strategies, tactics and plans to meet the uncertainties ahead.

A lot of smart thinking has already gone into developing the disciplines you need but, like most midsized companies and nonprofits, you may be understaffed and underfunded. Consider partnering with established, media neutral, senior level marketing communications consultants to help your team formulate, refine and implement your programs. Be sure they have extensive experience across brands and industries, as well as a willingness to “tell it like it is” so candor will flourish.

Most probably 2013 and the near future will present marketers with a very rocky road to travel. Hopefully, some of these tips will help, but as Mark Twain once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”.

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Internet Marketing For You

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Too much of everything is injurious
To begin with let’s take this step by step. Assuming that you have already built your web site or blog, the biggest concern would be to drive traffic in the direction that you want. You need people to see what you have to offer only then will they be able to buy what you have to offer. While directing this traffic to your site you must answer one simple question. How many times have you visited a page that you do not want to visit and how many times have you purchased something that you are least interested in? What is the use of people visiting your web page if they have no need or no interest in the product that you have to offer? Yes, you need traffic but not traffic that makes no difference to your income. You need targeted traffic. Now think where you look when you want information regarding some product. How were you able to read this article? Well, because you looked for it. That is exactly what you need to do. Write articles for various publications. There are a number of online publications that are continually on the lookout for new and fresh articles. e-zine and e-report are two of them. People look up article directories for information. They look up reports and reviews before they buy any product. The traffic here will be targeted traffic. There is a good chance that you will be able to catch their interest here.

The articles do not need to be too long and frequent. Simple articles that every person can understand ranging anywhere from 300 to 600 words would do the job smugly. You do not need to churn out hundreds of articles per day. Just two or three would be sufficient. If you could consistently do this then you could generate around 100 targeted customers to your blog or webpage per day. You must keep in mind that not every potential customer becomes a buyer. In all probability just one percent of potentials might be converted. That means for every hundred you will have one buyer. The rest of the calculation ought to be quite simple. For every 1000 prospects you would have at least 10 buyers.

You have worn the same shoes so you know your customers the best.
Next you ought to think that how many times you have reached a site because you liked the article related to it only to find out that the site is clustered with a 101 other products. How many times have you been too confused to make a purchase simply because there were too many products offered? How many times have you started with one product only to end up googling a bunch of other products? Was it not very annoying? You must bear this in mind for your potential buyers as well. Do not club everything in one blog or webpage. If it is about making money online then let it be just that. Of course you could have different blogs or websites for each and every product but do not put them all in one blog or web site. Having different web sites for each product will not confuse the potential buyer. Now a day there are a number of sites offering free hosting so it is not that difficult.

You must also consider that the potential customer will also be searching for you product’s review. If you do not offer the review they a bound to search. Who knows they might end up buying the product from the ones who have included its review in their site. Make sure that you enumerate all the benefits of the product which would ascertain that the reader does not search anywhere else for it. One of the major factors in convincing someone to buy a product is a firsthand experience with the product so do not forget to include testimonials. Also remember to take permission for using a particular person’s name or photograph. Also give related references.

If you could also include articles on your website telling the readers the uses of the product and a little on how to use the product your potential buyers could quite easily be convinced to buy the product. An extra page with a captivating article including calls to act on the information could do wonders. Interesting headlines are a very effective tool to make readers wanting to explore more.

Make a personal connection.
Don’t you simply love free reports? Your readers love them too. It would be a great idea to provide free reports to your readers at regular intervals. There are a number of auto responders that you could use. The call to subscribe to your free reports must be compelling and placed at the most prime place on your web site so that the potential buyer cannot miss it. This would also help you to build that, oh so talked about, mailing list. It will also provide a personal aspect to the whole deal. Analytically speaking a sale is generally closed on the 7th call.

Free reports do well to remind the prospects about your product. The e-mails that you send should be useful. Do not forget to add reasons for buying your particular product. Also remember not to make these contacts too frequent since they may get annoying and do not make the e-mails sound too promotional, just informative.

Another word of advice is not to use the term ‘Free’ since many spam filters would certainly direct these mails into the junk mail. Do not forget to generate the need for your product in each mail.

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Make Effective Marketing Strategies To Achieve Online Success

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For any business venture to succeed in today’s markets, it is no longer enough to have a single good business idea and a single location for a brick-and-mortar store or office where people can come and purchase services. Today, the game is increasingly being played online, the internet has become a vast resource for every product or service that a consumer could possibly want. If you haven’t established your online presence yet, then you may find yourself being left behind by your more forward thinking competitors.

No matter how small or distinguished your business may be, it is essential to have a website where internet users can view your products, learn about your history and qualifications, and direct other web users to visit. With millions of consumers worldwide owning a number of mobile devices to which they are logged on for most of their days, your best bet for getting noticed and attracting more potential customers is to be highly visible right where they are highly likely to look online.

This online marketing strategist helps companies create an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy that would help their websites get positive rankings on search engine results pages. This by itself, is no easy task, although the formula for success is relatively simple. Experts shows online businesses that good quality still remains the number one factor for getting good results from major search engines.

Throughout the year, Google has released a number of updates and changes to their search algorithms, all with the same general purpose behind them, to reveal in its results pages only the top quality websites that provide the right information on the keywords that web users type in.

Achieving online success, then, would not be possible by simply learning ways to manipulate Google’s updates. The key is to provide content that consumers will want to read and be interested in sharing with other people because of the value it provides. It’s also important to make an effort to direct natural traffic to your website from a variety of sources like social media sites, videos, press releases, and the like. When you create a reputation of providing as much good quality services as possible every time, your brand name will be carried across distances and people will be searching for your site directly.

With a marketing strategist, businesses can have a well developed website working to promote their brand, generate new business, and bring in significant profits and success.

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Fight for Your Customers With Direct Mail

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Business has never been more cutthroat. There’s always someone who can do what you do more cheaply. There’s always someone who can offer customers more. Every day, your competition tries to lure your customers away with a constant battery of ads and calls and direct mail.

What’s your counterattack? How are you working to keep the customers you have?

From a strictly dollars-and-cents perspective, it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one. How much you’ll save varies by industry, but general estimates say it costs 5-10 times more to woo that new customer than to keep your old customer happy and sell them additional services. This is particularly true with banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. With so many services, there are always ways to up-sell and cross-sell.

But you can’t do that if you’re losing customers left and right.

The trick to keeping existing customers is to treat them like new customers. It’s like the honeymoon phase in relationships, when you’re both trying so hard to impress each other. Eventually, that newness fades and you fall into a comfortable rut. Well, comfortable for you. Your customer is looking for you to rekindle that spark and go back to that same level of service and commitment.

Meanwhile, your competitor is wooing your customer with promises of lower prices, better customer service and a free toaster if they sign up now.

One of the simplest ways to keep customers happy is to stay in touch. And not just with offers to buy more stuff, either. Here are a few simple direct mail ideas you can (and should!) be using to keep the magic alive with your customers:

Send customer satisfaction surveys-then do something with the information you get. People want to feel like their voices are being heard, but make sure you use the information you gather from these surveys, or you’re wasting everyone’s time.
Remember their anniversaries. Make the milestones count. Whether that’s celebrating their birthday, two years with your company or a major purchase like a mortgage, send a simple letter thanking them for their business and looking forward to the future.
Surprise them. What would delight your customers? What would make them happy? Maybe it’s a coupon, but maybe it’s simpler than that-noticing some way they can save money, going above and beyond on a service. Whatever you do, send something to your customers out-of-the-blue. You might be surprised by their loyalty in return.

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Forex Market: The Importance of Demo Accounts

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In the Forex market, it’s very important to practice before investing real money. Whether you are a new operator that hasn’t yet dominated all the variables of the Forex market, or an experienced operator that wants to test new strategies, demo accounts can save you from bankruptcy.

Many think that simulating operations is only for the beginner Forex trader. As a result, many Forex brokers think the same and only offer their demonstration accounts for a limited time. There are other brokers who don’t even offer demonstration accounts.

Although there are still brokers that don’t offer demo accounts, they certainly will come to offer them now that the majority does, and that suggests going in the opposite direction of the competition and practically all new operators need a demo account to begin their operations.

It’s normal for Forex brokers to keep demo accounts for a limited time, generally between two weeks to a month. These brokers consider this the time needed for a beginner operator to familiarize themselves with all of the concepts of Forex necessary for them to feel confident in investing in real Forex accounts.

On behalf of the brokers, this strategy has its logic, because brokers fear that a demo account could discourage the investor if they try it and endure losses for prolonged periods of time. Many users that register for a demo account and only want to play like they would play some virtual game for free on the Internet. There are probably people that visit these simulated accounts like another online entertainment. Brokers are not in the business of providing free games.

New investors are the primary users of demo accounts on Forex, but if an experienced operator wishes to try a new strategy, the demo account provides the perfect place to get comfortable with the strategy before putting it into practice in their real account of operations. If they are testing a new pair of currencies with which they are not familiar, they can try it in their demonstration account. There are dozens of reasons for an experienced operator to use a demonstration account.

Therefore, a new operator should not select a broker that does not offer among their products the use of a demo account, at least for a limited time. It will certainly be a great ally to your chances of success in the Forex market.

Finally, one of the most important things you’ll need to know in the Forex market is the direction of the general tendency. While you could track the tendencies in intervals of 15 minutes, it’s much more useful to concentrate on the weekly graphs.

Following the weekly tendency line, you can see the general direction of the Forex market and where it tends to go. If you draw a weekly line of tendency, you’ll notice that they don’t often break the existing standards. In fact, it’s not too rare for these lines of tendency to last many years. For example, between the years 2002 and 2006 the general tendency of the euro in front of the dollar was rising upward. This is much easier to identify if we look at the weekly graphs and it would be impossible to identify in timeframes of 15 minutes.

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Part 21 – Be Decisive and Goal Directed

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One of the most important qualities of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires is the ability to be decisive while being goal directed.

Decisiveness is the willingness to make decisions, even in the face of complexity or uncertainty. Decisive people evaluate available information, apply their judgement, and make a choice amongst the various possibilities it is easier to be decisive when we are clear about our values and goals.

Successful entrepreneurs have a tolerance of risk, ambiguity and uncertainty. The calculated risk takers would prefer to minimise and share the risk. Managers need to deal with paradox and contradiction and they know that any decision runs the risk of be wrong, but they also know that perfect clarity is rarely available and that indecision can be more costly. It also means taking responsibility for the outcome of the decision.

Sometimes a situation occurs where no action is taken but in those cases the specific do-nothing decision is taken. Think carefully, and then make decisions quickly, but you must also know when to say “we’ll see” and do nothing for the time being.

You must develop the habit of making quick decisions but make sure that the decision outcomes are accurately monitored and that quick feedback is received so that if you find you have made a mistake, you can quickly self-correct and do something else.

Successful people are creative and goal directed. They try for more things than other people do, which means that the probability of eventually finding the right way of doing things, at the right time, is much higher than it is for people that try only one or two things.

Indecisive people get carried through life like Oak leaves in the wind, never establishing a fixed direction, and never being directed towards a goal.

To be directed towards the goal you need to know the detail of what you’re going to do. I have asked people what they are going to do and they tell me; I’m starting an Internet business, I am going to work from home, and I am going to make money.

But if I ask them any details such as, “What are you going to do to make money?” they cannot give me an answer. When you adopt the habit of being decisive and goal directed your entire life becomes more productive and you move faster in your chosen direction and the people around you. This releases a higher source of energy that produces enthusiasm and increases your motivation that pushes you much faster towards your goal.

If you can clearly visualise your goals in your mind decision-making becomes a lot easier. If you are goal directed and your decisions made within the framework of desired outcomes, it allows you to be optimally creative and innovative in making the right choices to overcome the problems that arise. The actions that need to be taken are then more easily identified.

The action that you can take now to develop the habit of being decisive and goal directed is to clarify your goal and then ask yourself what single action, if done correctly and timelessly, will have the greatest impact on your goal.

In these exercises you should be as honest with yourself as possible. Be ruthlessly honest. Be obsessed with wanting to exploit opportunities that can result in you being a millionaire. Be goal and results orientated. Make sure your goals are set high but higher at realistic and develop the burning drive for achievement and growth.

Developing this habit will take you a long way to developing the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur, especially when combined with the other skills as covered in the 23 articles series on the Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs and Millionaires.

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Building a Long-Term Network Marketing Business Using 5 Keys and a 4 Step Formula

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In order to build a long term residual income in MLM you need 5 key things:

1. A goal setting system

2. A tracking system

3. An inviting system

4. A presentation system

5. A training system

So here is the key question:

Do you want to build an MLM team to earn residual income? If you answered YES, then write down the answers to the 5 things above. What do you do for goal setting, how do you track your prospects, how do you invite them, what do you present with, and finally how you train them?

My answers:

1. A Goal Setting System: Find out what you really want. (Hint: It’s not money!) Money is simply what you need to buy what you really want! When you write down “money”, WHY do you want that (specific amount of) money.

When I was starting out in MLM 20 year ago, I wanted $10K per month so badly I could taste it. Having $10K per month meant financial freedom to me. But when I got to $10K I found that it wasn’t the financial freedom I thought it was. However, getting past $10K to another bigger goal was more believable, and so I rewrote my goals and worked to achieve them. Today my financial goals are far more than $10K per month, but that was my starting point… without that starting point, I would not have made it in MLM!

2. A Tracking System. I have always used a simple system. I use a large spiral notebook with a name, a date, phone number etc. I track the calls made, the conversations direction, etc. I can then use the notebook to go back to either close the prospect or re-call them later (I have called leads that were over 10 years old!)

3. An Inviting System: For me, it’s simple: “Are you open to other ways of making money?” What is your inviting system? You need to have one!

4. A Presentation System: Depending upon your business, it could be a company video presentation or web site. As a distributor, you should have a weekly meeting going because I KNOW that is KEY to achieving success in MLM. I would invite my prospects to my weekly meeting… but NOT until they reviewed my initial material such as viewing a video in order to qualify them.

5. A Training System. If you have a training manual, get it to them so they can get started right away. If there is some other training material or system, get your new prospects plugged into it so that they can begin to generate income quickly. This will get them excited and keep them in action.

How to become successful in MLM by following the 4 Step Formula

1. Follow the course of someone who is making the kind of money you want to make.

When I decided to earn at least $10K per month in MLM I needed to go “upline or sideline.” My sponsor did not make that kind of money and I needed guidance from those that did. I called upline until I found two distributors above my sponsor who were earning $7,000 and $14,000 per month respectively. I decided that either of these incomes would put me in a better financial position than I was in without MLM. I called them and asked them to mentor me.

They gave me “the rules” and told me these were non-negotiable. I listened to the rules and started working them… but not with full conviction… and I tested my own ideas while doing what my upline told us to do. Luckily I decided about 1 year later that I had better give my upline 100% of my attention and get away from my own ideas. The reason? I was not growing at the level our upline was… although while I was now at several thousand per month, my upline was now earning over $100,000 per month!

That year of not listening cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars!!!

I was told by my upline leaders and eventually our sideline leaders (those I met at conferences) that to earn a living in MLM you need to devote 99% of your time on recruiting new members. They told me that retail would happen during the recruiting stages. What they meant was that every time I asked someone to look at our business the overwhelming majority would not enroll after seeing the opportunity video, or the live meeting. But of those who did not get involved many would end up purchasing products from me, which would create my retail market. Under no circumstances was I to offer the “sale” before the opportunity.

2. Live meetings.

My uplines and sidelines told me that the only way to build a solid long-term business is with live meetings. Trust me when I say that has not changed today. If you are not doing or attending a live meeting weekly you are not 100% involved in your MLM Business Opportunity. That may seem like a harsh thing to say..but it is something that is not negotiable! Either set up and do a live meeting each week, or decide that MLM will not be your full-time business.

3 Follow the successful game plan.

Every successful MLM company that is run by those who spent a lot of time being successful in MLM before taking on ownership will have the benefit of owners who KNOW how to make it happen the right way in MLM. They will give you a roadmap to success in the form of a getting started manual. Either you are using this for success or ignoring it for less success. It is a roadmap designed by people who made or are making money in MLM. It was not created by a few well-intentioned people who were not successful in MLM… therefore you need to have read it, understood it and be teaching it. If not, you are not following a roadmap that will help you and your team successful.

4. Mindset Work.

You need to be working on YOU every day. You need to start writing your goals down on paper. NO excuses. You need to read a motivational beneficial book or article daily… and absorb it into your mind through belief and positive mental focus. L earning to incorporate this “mind stuff” into your business and life is the most important thing you will ever do for your life!

Charlie Umphred is an owner of Scent-Sations, Inc., a direct sales and network marketing company located in Northeast Pennsylvania. Scent-Sations manufactures and sells Mia Bella Natural Wax Candles, Dermal Renu anti-aging skin care and Bella Beauty Mineral Cosmetics to independent sales consultants throughout the United States and Canada and has been in business since 2002.

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