Turn Away Business With Direct Mail Marketing

We are lucky enough to be living in the digital age. Whatever we want, need or desire can be found by getting online and becoming viral. With a few clicks on a keyboard, searching for what you need or promoting a message is as easy as 1-2-3.

So why would anyone continue to use print and direct mailing for their marketing strategy? Because it works, that is why.

Using mailing services as an advertising medium has an important place in any marketing strategy. Done right and marketing to the correct demographic will increase your bottom line and show profitable ROI. Just ask the Summerville Community Orchestra.

Recently the SCO ran a direct marketing campaign for a special event. Not only did they scour their membership lists for this event, they also purchased a psychographic segmentation list of potential visitors that had signed up for other cultural events in the area. By doing this the SCO was able to directly target a group that would be most apt to attend the event.

Using direct mail marketing would have been the last thing avant garde marketers would have employed. The results though speak for themselves. Not only was the event sold out, a number of potential patrons had to be turned away at the door.

If your company is thinking about a new marketing campaign, consider adding direct mail marketing as an addition to your marketing mediums. The following outline can help you decide which type of direct mail marketing is best suited for your needs.

The first step in direct mail marketing is to decide which medium creation to use. Newspapers, magazines, flyers, postcards, business cards and stationary all have a place in the marketing world. Each of these mediums has its advantages and disadvantages. The direction of your campaign will determine which will give you the best results. Each campaign is unique and your marketing should show that.

For a sales objective, try using a color postcard whether sent individually or inserted into a catalog or magazine. For precision direct mail marketing, custom letters inserted into logo branded envelopes is the way to go.

Once the medium is chosen the next step is to target the areas and demographics you want to affect. This requires accurate and up to date market research. To get the best results you need to know where your most ideal demographic targets live or work. You can try and do your own research or many list compilers can help with that. They have access to public records you may not have.

The final step is to determine which mailing service to use. Using the postal service directly might be tempting, but only use this as a last resort. It’s best to hire mailing services that are faster and have all the mailing rules and regulations at their fingertips.

Don’t think that by doing it yourself you can save money. If you mail in certain quantities, a mailing service can offer you the option of using their postal permit for discounted postage rates; not to mention all the time and resources it can cost you to print, address and mail yourself. You may find it won’t cost you any more than if you did it yourself and think of all the time you can save!

If direct mail is your marketing tool of choice you should reap the rewards you will never regret if you follow the steps outlined above. Whether you are selling a product, a service or even yourself, direct marketing keeps it all in the eyes of the public.

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